Ages 10 – 12

Taking Folic Acid daily encourages healthy habits at a young age.

From age 10 to 50, you need to take Folic Acid every day. Folic Acid supplements help your body grow healthy hair, skin and nails. Not only is it good for your body now, it helps reduce birth defects if taken well before conception. Talk to your doctor about the importance of Folic Acid for you and your daughter’s health now and in the future.

Benefits of taking Folic Acid
for women ages 10-12

  • Encourages Daily Healthy Habits
  • Enhances Beauty
  • Maintains Healthy Hair
  • Reduces the Risk of Birth Defects
  • Stronger, Healthier Nails
  • Acne Prevention

Folic Acid empowers women

While we understand this is a very young age, it is an important age to start healthy habits for your child’s future and the future generations. Please take time and talk with your doctor and your child’s doctor about Folic Acid. Please make a special time to sit down and talk with your daughter about this important information.