Ages 40 +

Taking Folic Acid daily helps improve your overall health.

From age 10 to 50, you need to take Folic Acid every day. Folic Acid supplements are proven to reduce the risk of birth defects if taken well before conception. It has also been linked to improving health in areas such as heart disease, colon cancer, as well as the prevention of strokes and other blood clotting problems. Talk to your doctor about the importance of Folic Acid.

Benefits of taking Folic Acid
for women over 40

  • Unplanned Pregnancies Can Still Occur
  • Improve Health in Areas Such as Heart Disease, Colon Cancer, & the Prevention of Strokes and Other Blood Clotting Problems
  • Stronger, Healthier Nails
  • Maintains Healthy Hair
  • Role Model for Children and Younger Women
  • Aging Skin Can be Supported by Folic Acid Use

Folic Acid empowers women

As women age, they are less likely to get pregnant and have children. Still, child-bearing in the 40’s and 50’s is not an uncommon event. For women who are over 40, the recommendations for Folic Acid use before and during pregnancy are the same as those for women of younger ages. Even if a woman is not contemplating getting pregnant there are still many reasons to continue to use Folic Acid.


  • Unplanned pregnancies can still occur
  • Folic Acid use has been linked to improved health in areas such as heart disease, colon cancer, and the prevention of strokes and other blood clotting problems.
  • Folic Acid makes for healthier more attractive hair and nails
  • Aging skin can be supported by Folic Acid use
  • As a role model for their children and younger women