Proper skin care is vital, not just because our skin is the largest barrier against infection, but because you wear it your entire life. If you want your skin to look as good at 50 as it did at 20, it requires constant maintenance.

Not to mention, your skin is a part of our identity. Being “comfortable in your own skin” is important in trying to go through life happy and confident.

While using lotion regularly and avoiding too much sun and harsh soaps are important, to maintain healthy, beautiful skin, make folic acid a part of your daily beauty regimen, too.

Folic acid offers a number of benefits for your skin;

Protects from sun damage

Excessive exposure to the sun can damage the DNA in our skin cells, which leads to increased skin cancer risks. Folic acid helps the body make DNA and RNA, including helping to develop healthy skin cells, which can help to reduce the risk of cancer.

Fights premature skin aging

Because folic acid helps to facilitate the development of healthy skin cells, it can help fight out premature aging, specifically wrinkles and fine lines. It has also been found to increase the production of collagen to give you firmer and more toned skin.

Helps with acne prevention

Taking the recommended 400 mcg of folic acid each day can help in detoxifying the body. The vitamin B9 possesses concentrations of antioxidants that work to reduce levels of oxidative stress in the skin. It can reduce the occurrence of acne and pimples.

A healthy glow

Finally, folic acid can nourish skin and add a healthy glow.

Look for skincare products that have folic acid in the ingredients and add 400 mcg of folic acid to your daily regimen. Not only does it help your skin, it also contributes to healthy hair and nails.